4 Glasses to Rock this Fall

Oversized? skinny? Colorful? Check out 4 ways to master the sunglasses trend this fall and winter. 

1. Skinny Shade Fall Look


You've probably seen these narrow lenses all over instagram and pinterest lately. They are the perfect style to add a little edge to your outfit. Pair them with a leather jacket for a bold look or your favorite printed winter jacket if you're feeling a little more classy. 

2. Blue Light For Winter


Let's face it, we're all going to be stuck on the computer this winter, so why not protect your eyes in the process? These lenses have become a new trend throughout the last few years, and are especially popular for people who don’t have glasses but just wish they did (iykyk). Check out Chrissy Teigan's line with QUAY for some celebrity endorsement on this trend. 

3. Eye-Catching Colors


A pop of color can change your whole outfit, and bright colored glasses are a perfect way to add a little life to your look. Go monochrome like Billie Eilish by matching your entire outfit to your glasses, or pair them with a more muted outfit for a classic look. 

4. The bigger the better


Oversized glasses have definitely found their way back on the map in 2020. Amplifying these sunglasses with a minimalistic outfit is key to making these glasses pop! Start your look with a great pair of skinny jeans, a basic t, and your new shades. Check out some of Kim Kardashians looks to learn how to style these sunnies. 

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