5 Ways to Style Your Jean Jacket this Fall

Jean Jackets are a classic staple that is necessary in everyone’s wardrobe. All five of these outfits are so easy to recreate with what you may already have in your wardrobe. Pick out one of these simple ways to style them and you’ll be ready to rock your fall look!

1. Layered with your favorite hoodie.

Get into your closet and grab your favorite hoodie. Next grab a comfy pair of leggings. Pop your jean jacket on top of your hoodie and you’re good to go. This is such an easy way to amplify your look and really give it more style and volume. Layering it with a sweatshirt is typical celeb street style and can be paired well with a platform or chunky sneaker.

2. Around your waist or off the shoulder.

Tying a jean jacket around your waist adds such an extra chic detail. It also is a super great way to stay comfortable in fluctuating or unpredictable weather. Keeping this jean jacket around your waist can work with just about any outfit as well. Another way to wear your jean jacket without actually putting it on is letting it rest on your shoulders. Once again this can work with just about any outfit. Both of these styles are fabulous looks when paired with a mini dress or mini skirt as shown in the pictures below.

3. Accented with fall outwear.

All sorts of fall outerwear looks stunning when placed above a jean jacket. Experimenting with prints, colors, and textures can also keep your look crisp and clean. Cheetah print jackets may exemplify a confident and bold style. Pairing a teddy coat with the jean jacket is a darling way to show off your younger side. Changing up the color scheme can provide a number of ways to change the style and vibe whether that be cheery summer or chill monochrome.

4. Paired with a cozy flannel.

Flannels are not only completely necessary for fall fashion, but also keep you feeling super cozy when put together with a jean jacket. Pairing these two together look great when going for a more casual laid back look.

5. With a maxi dress.

When on the go and in a rush for a trendy and classy outfit the perfect way to go is grabbing any sort of maxi dress and simply adding a jean jacket to it. For a fall look these can be joined with a pair of booties or combat boots such as doc martens. The perfect way to complete this look is by adding two statement pieces. These can be just about any sort of glasses and bag. Playing with colors of the dress, type of shoe, bag, and glasses allows for a creative and unique look while still being easy to style at home!

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